PBS Kids Website Evaluations: EekoWorld, Go News Go and News Flash Five
2007 to 2009

CCT evaluated the impact of two PBS Kids websites (EekoWorld and Go News Go) on children's learning, specifically their understanding of ecology and the news media. Two years of formative feedback was provided on the PBS Kids' websites. In the first year, we examined EekoWorld and News Flash Five. The research went beyond an examination of the sites' appeal and usability, focusing on children's learning of information, concepts, and attitudes. Consistent with PBS's commitment to informal learning, the evaluation focused on children's use of the websites at home and will assess the learning that happens within a single visit and over time through repeated visits.

EekoWorld, Go News Go and News Flash Five are PBS Kids websites that help children understand complex, real world domains-ecology and the news media-using entertaining, animated, and immersive online experiences. Each site offer facts and information about the domains they cover and seek to inspire repeat visits, though each in a distinct way. In Eekoworld, children create and save fantasy creatures that live on in a virtual environment. Go News Go and News Flash Five gives children insights into news.


Cornelia Brunner
Jim Diamond
Terri Meade