PETLab Game Design Pilot Evaluation
2009 to 2010

Games for Change and Parsons The New School for Design are collaborating on a game design curriculum called PETlab that introduce boys and girls between the ages of 9-12 to the principles of game design through digital and non-digital activities. The curriculum is being developed for the Boys & Girls Club of America. CCT is evaluating a month-long pilot of the program at five Boys & Girls Club (beginning in March 2009). Through eight activities, boys and girls will modify components of games, such as rules and mechanics, in order to explore how they influence the experience of game play and how they relate to one another in game design. The participants will also use Gamestar Mechanic (, a web-based game that introduces players to game design concepts, and Scratch (, a computer programming environment for young people, in order to create their own games. During the project's culminating activity, participants will create their own games in order to address a social issue in their community using one of the two digital tools. As part of the evaluation, CCT will observe the activities during the pilot at a local clubhouse in order to learn how participants experience the activities, as well as to investigate how clubhouse facilitators implement the curriculum.


Jim Diamond (PI)