Ready to Learn Multi-Project Evaluation

As part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Ready To Learn Initiative, CPB has funded the Public Broadcasting System to develop three online professional development courses for childcare providers and early childhood educators: (1) Preparing Preschoolers for Success; (2) Ready to Read and Write with Digital Media; and (3) Ready to Spark Word Power (collectively referred to as 'TeacherLine Courses').

CPB has also provided supplementary funds to producers of three Ready to Learn properties (Super WHY!, The Electric Company, and Word World, collectively referred to as 'Technological Enhancement Projects') to develop and implement technological enhancements to improve and augment their outreach to young children and their caregivers.

EDC will perform two separate evaluation projects (collectively, the 'Evaluations'): an online professional development project and a technological enhancement project. For the online professional development component of this evaluation, EDC will conduct summative evaluations of the first two courses and a formative evaluation of the third course. For the technological enhancement projects component, EDC will conduct a process/utilization evaluation that examines how each newly developed product supports adults in enhancing children's early literacy experiences. Each evaluation will culminate in a final report that summarizes the evaluation findings.


Loulou Bangura Momoh