Rhode Island Teachers and Technology Initiative
1998 to 1999

From January 1998 to November 1999, CCT served as the evaluator of the Rhode Island Teachers and Technology Initiative (RITTI), a three-year, statewide project funded by the Rhode Island Foundation (RIF). RITTI participants received laptop computers and training by other teachers during an intensive two-week summer program. After the summer program, RITTI continued to support teachers via listservs, a website for sharing curriculum units, and biannual conferences. The Rhode Island Foundation asked CCT to conduct research and evaluate RITTI over the course of the 1998-99 academic year to learn more about how the program influenced teaching practice, how the training might be improved for future participants, and ways in which RITTI could better support teachers in Rhode Island. In addition to administering a survey to both past and new participants, we researched these questions by conducting a yearlong set of school-based observations in six schools throughout the state. Our goal was to learn how the program impacted the school community and how the school community affected the work of RITTI teachers.


Andres Henriquez (PI)