The State Role in Adolescent Literacy Improvement: Case Studies of Systemic State Policy Development and Implementation

This project uses case studies to describe a range of approaches to supporting adolescent literacy instruction through policy in five states. The sites included are at the forefront of establishing approaches to policy that provide support to educators seeking to improve reading outcomes for this student population. State-level initiatives are examined within the context of current research and practice, and address two main questions:

  1. What policies and practices have states adopted to promote implementation of effective adolescent literacy practices at the school and district level?
  2. What lessons have been learned about the process for developing a state-level adolescent literacy initiative?

A final document presents each state as a case and includes information about the development and implementation process that led to current adolescent literacy policy and program implementation. Findings from a cross-state analysis identifying commonalities and differences discovered during this project are also discussed.

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Lauren Bates
Nicole Breslow