Student Assessment in Arts-Infused Programs: Developing Stategic Practice in Chicago, New York City, and Minneapolis
2003 to 2004

We formatively evaluated several Center for Arts Education (CAE)- and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)-funded projects that investigate student learning in the arts and professional and curriculum development designed to improve student learning in the arts.

For CAE, we conducted meetings with CAE staff and participated in professional development workshops and technical assistance meetings with site evaluators and representatives of schools and cultural organizations. We examined the CAE's Curriculum Development and Access Grants program (CDA) and the extension of CDA strategies to other sites, using site visits, interviews, statistical analysis of existing data, and other methods to examine how the schools 'shared the wealth,' worked toward continuity in their own programs, and built in durability.

We also investigated the NEA's action research project examining student learning and achievement, conducting meetings with teachers, school staff, and artists participating in research on student learning in the arts.


Terry Baker (PI)