Creating a Clubhouse - Reflections: Thinking and Talking About Creative Work

November 1, 2003

Questions for Creators
Questions for Creators are questions Clubhouse regulars can get in the habit of considering while they are working on a project. (They also are aligned to the Stages of Creativity in the Portfolios section of this Toolkit.)


  • How does this represent something about me?
  • Am I making this on my own? Am I doing things I haven't seen in the Clubhouse before?
  • Does this creation mean something to me personally? How or why?


  • How am I putting this together? Am I doing it alone?
  • Will I be sharing this with anyone? Is this for the community or another audience?
  • Has anyone helped or taught me how to do any piece of this?
  • Will I teach anyone else my techniques?


  • How do I feel about this work? Am I proud?
  • What am I getting out of doing this work?
  • What am I learning about myself?


  • What are the challenges I encountered while doing this?
  • In considering new areas or problems I encountered, are some of the solutions I came up with surprising?
  • Would I solve future problems in similar ways?


  • What are/were my goals?
  • How many attempts did it take me to do this? Did I set out with a plan/strategy for doing this?
  • Did I come up with a strategy on the way?
  • What people did I go to and/or what other resources did I try?
  • Did it come out like I expected?

Demo Prep
The Demo Prep tool can help individuals prepare to talk about their work, giving them a written record of their thoughts about a particular piece of work and the steps they went through while creating.

Creating in the Clubhouse: Thinking About Creativity