Creating in the Clubhouse: Tools for Conversations and Portfolio Development (all in one PDF version)

November 1, 2003

As part of our independent evaluation of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, EDC's Center for Children and Technology (CCT) has created tools that we hope will contribute to the richness of the Clubhouse experience.

The tools that make up the Creating in the Clubhouse Toolkit are based on two years of field-based research, which gave CCT many opportunities to talk with Coordinators, Members and Mentors, as well as to conduct observations in Clubhouses throughout the Network. While doing this research, we heard many conversations about two challenges: how to have productive, motivating conversations about Clubhouse work and how to help Members develop their interests and talents over time. These resources are one response to these challenges.

You can use the individual tools and background reading to foster conversations in Clubhouses among Members, Staff and the local community. You also may use these tools to develop a portfolio system, which may be helpful in documenting how Clubhouse regulars develop and grow over time.

For ease of use, many of the tools can be pulled from this folder and photocopied or printed from the electronic version available on the website. Though we have tried to make the tools simple and helpful, this toolkit is not designed to be a cookie-cutter. We recognize that Clubhouses have a huge range of contextual strengths and issues, even within a single Clubhouse; not every idea will work for everyone.

Some of the tools encourage the sharing of work - illustrations, designs, writings and other creations - while other tools invite feedback, reflection and conversation about the work.