The Reinventing Education Initiative: From An Evaluation Perspective

April 1, 2004

How do schools and informal education programs meet the growing demand to produce highly skilled individuals, an expectation that ALL children will achieve at a level much higher than required in previous eras? This question now reverberates nationally in conversations among and between educators, employers and the general public because it poses a challenge not only to the future of our civic life but also to the future of our economic and global competitiveness. It's a challenge that demands much more than cosmetic change or stopgap measures.

IBM Corporation has stepped into this void, partnering with states and districts in the United States through its Reinventing Education initiative to meet the demands for sustained and fundamental reform called for by Grantmakers in Education and other organizations.

In 1997, EDC's Center for Children and Technology (CCT) began a long-term evaluation study of the sites where the program was launched. This evaluation perspective summarizes findings and observations drawn from our research.