Advance Passaic (Avanza Passaic): Program Evaluation
2008 to 2009

CCT has been asked by the Passaic Public Schools to assume evaluation responsibilities for the Avanza Passaic Initiative (API), an effort to increase student participation and success in advanced placement courses and tests that is now in its final year. CCT will use a dual method evaluation strategy combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to examining the program impact. First, to understand the impact ofparticipation in API activities, CCT will create a longitudinal database of all students enrolled in 9th to 12th grade Honors or AP classes between Sept. 2005 and June 2009. Researchers will use this dataset to examine the trends in enrollment and course grades during the AP Initiative. CCT will also collect information on AP exam results for the students in 2009. The qualitative component of the evaluation will examine how the API is supporting the educators in the schools and students' experience of the program. CCT will conduct interviews with administrators, counselors and classroom teachers at the high school to gather their impressions on the success of the API program. EDC will also conduct focus groups with students to collect their impressions ofthe program.


Daniel Light (PI)
Nicole Breslow
Scott Strother