Brownfield Action Project Evaluation
2007 to 2009

Brownfield Action is an interactive simulation that allows students to explore how environmental scientists investigate a suspected contaminated land site. Developed by Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CNMTL), the simulation is intended for use in the laboratory component of the Introduction to Environmental Science Course at Barnard College. CCT is conducting a multi-year evaluation of the program. In Brownfield Action, paired sets of students assume the role of an environmental consulting company. Through interviews with local residents and the use of environmental testing strategies, the teams attempt to pinpoint the source and type of contamination. Students are given a defined budget, requiring carefully management of their investigation process. Each team (or company) reports their findings. Only one answer-the location and source of the contamination-is correct; however, students can reach this conclusion in multiple ways. For more information on the project, visit:


Cornelia Brunner (PI)
Cornelia Brunner