Cisco Codifying Innovative 21st Century Education Systems: New York City iSchool and Jefferson Parish.

CCT is working to identify and document the lessons learned from New York City's iSchool and Cisco's 21st Century Initiative in Jefferson Parish (Louisiana) Public School System. The goal of this research is to codify those lessons into actionable thematic areas (e.g., policy, business development, instruction, technology) that can inform Cisco initiatives as well as educational leaders and decision-makers involved in scaling up these 21st century education systems. Researchers will employ rapid ethnography as the methodological approach to speed up the process of data collection, presentation, and analysis. To understand the 21st century system changes accomplished at the iSchool and in the Jefferson Parish Public 'School System, CCT researchers will draw on a 'lite' version of Cisco's 21st Century Indicators tool to develop structured interview protocols. These protocols will help researchers understand the contexts in which these two systems have been implemented, the system wide processes put in place for managing and encouraging innovation, the positive impact realized and challenges encountered, and lessons learned. The team also will use a'critical incident technique,' which will help research participants hone in on the decisions they made and/or turning points they encountered.


Harouna Ba (PI)
Marion Goldstein
Laura Jeffers
John Parris
Elizabeth Pierson