Scholastic Zip Zoom English Research/Evaluation Instrument Development
2006 to 2007

CCT is developing a series of research instruments that district-based or external researchers and evaluators can use to assess the impact of ZipZoom English (ZZE), an educational software product developed by Scholastic to support English Language Learners in gaining early literacy skills. These instruments will be designed for possible inclusion in a Research Tool Kit or as part of an Outcomes Study for the coming school year. The instrument development will be grounded by the an examination of the software and accompanying materials that explain the independent practice and groupwork components (teacher-led instruction) that comprise ZipZoom's three-pronged approach; a review of existing information collected by Scholastic, such as the end-of-pilot questionnaires and the pilot report; data collected from users - primarily teachers who are piloting the product - to better understand how schools are implementing the software. The resultant instruments will be designed for use by multiple stakeholders (e.g., school or district personnel; internal or external Scholastic evaluators) to examine the impact of the program. Instruments will include:

  • Levels of Implementation worksheet or checklist
  • Teacher survey
  • Classroom observation protocol
  • Teacher interview protocol
  • ELL/Literacy Coodinator or Coach interview protocol
  • Parent interview protocol
  • Guide to ZZE Assessment Data
  • 'Next Steps' document outlining potential future directions of this work (.e.g, Research Toolkit; Practitioner Guide to Using ZZE Data)


Lauren Goldenberg (PI)