WGBH Teachers’ Domain Research Review and Case Studies
2003 to 2004

To help WGBH make the most of its rich media resources housed online at Teachers' Domain (, CCT conducted a research review of recent, large-scale studies surrounding the integration of rich-media resources into classroom practice. CCT identified lessons learned, potential benefits, and potential challenges when teachers and curriculum specialists use audio- and video-based resources. We describe these findings in an overview paper meant to help shape how WGBH develops future teacher resources. In addition to the research review, CCT also conducted several case studies examining teacher and administrator perspectives on current Teachers' Domain resources, specifically the Life Sciences collection. Using schools from a range of demographic characteristics and that have distint pedagogical approaches, CCT gathered data about how teachers and administrators use/view rich-media. This research also addresses how trends in standardized testing influence teachers' awareness and use of rich media resources.


Deborah Keisch