2005 - 2010 Research

Literacy Case Study Report (2010)

A case-study report, Organizing for Literacy: How Public Media Stations Are Raising Readers in Their Communities (2010), presented qualitative research examining the collaborative partnerships among local public-media stations and community-based organizations in educational outreach activities to support early literacy.

Preschool Media-Rich Literacy Study (2009)

The Preschool Media-Rich Literacy Study (2009) reported on a national efficacy study that investigated whether a multimedia literacy intervention, implemented by teachers in early childhood centers, could positively impact low-income children's early literacy skills. The study found that to be the case. We've also made the study observation tool and assessment battery available.

Preschool Media-Rich Executive Summary (2009)

This is the executive summary to the Preschool Media-Rich Literacy Study (2009).

Media and Literacy Literature Review (2007)

An initial meta-analysis, the Review of Research on Media and Young Children's Literacy (2007), was intended to inform the design of an intervention and determine the necessary sample size for an efficacy trial of a multimedia intervention.