IBM National Education Summits
1996 to 2001

Since 1996, IBM has sponsored national and international education summits, largely in association with the National Governors' Association and the Educational Commission of the States, that brings together governors, corporate executives, education leaders and other high-level politicians, educators and policymakers inside and outside the U.S. to consider major educational policy issues. CCT has overseen the education technology component of these summits. CCT has identified groups of exemplary educational technology projects, coordinated presentations by those project teams, and collaborated in the design and implementation of the meetings.

From 1996 to 2001, we helped IBM identify exemplary educational technology projects and coordinated presentations by those project teams at various IBM summits, including the Technology in Education Reform Conference, Latin America Basic Education Reform Summit, the IBM 1999 Education Summit and the IBM 2001 National Education Summit.

For the 2001 Summit, CCT was asked by the policy group Achieve to identify exemplary data driven decision-making products for presentation at this governors' summit. We reviewed approximately 20 data driven decision-making applications, three of which were featured for the governors at the event.


Margaret Honey (PI)
Bob Spielvogel
Julie Thompson Keane