IBM’s Reinventing Education Evaluation (Phases I-III)
1998 to 2006

IBM's Reinventing Education initiative promotes broad-based systemic change in public schools. In the initiative's first two phases, IBM partnered with seven large school districts and two state boards of education to develop a wide range of new technology applications to aid reform efforts in each of the nine selected sites. In 1996, CCT began a preliminary assessment and documentation study tour of the grantee programs to record what happened as the sites developed their specific work plans. CCT followed up this evaluation with a more comprehensive, multi-year investigation of the site implementations and the impact the tools had on their constituent school systems. This study focused on how the Reinventing Education program helped to address the specific educational challenges identified by each site and provided formative feedback toward improving the implementation.

IBM's Reinventing Education initiative recently entered its third phase. The initiative funded collaborations between teacher training institutions and school districts with a focus on teacher professional development designed to sustain teachers through the induction years and beyond. In this third phase, CCT continued its formative evaluation role in the project, examining how the programs are being implemented and what challenges the sites face.


Bob Spielvogel (PI)
Julia Hermos
Deborah Keisch
Ellen Mandinach
Hannah Nudell
Julie Thompson Keane