Staff List

Shelley Pasnik, director & vice president
Laura Bryant, associate director for administration
Katherine Culp, director of research
Jay Bachhuber, researcher
Loulou Bangura, researcher
Michelle Cerrone, researcher
Ben Chauncey, financial manager
Peggy Clements, senior research scientist
Jim Diamond, researcher
Robert Drakes, IT (business services)
Marion Goldstein, researcher
Noah Goodman, researcher
Jaime Gutierrez, researcher
Naomi Hupert, senior research associate
Yelee Jo, researcher
Ashley Lewis Presser, senior research associate
Daniel Light, research scientist
Wendy Martin, senior research associate
Terri Meade, senior research associate
Babette Moeller, senior research scientist
Jeffrey Nelson, writer/producer
John Parris, senior researcher and designer
Marian Pasquale, senior research scientist
Elizabeth Pierson, researcher
Deborah Rosenfeld, researcher
Laura Sanderson, administration manager
Bronwyn Taggart, communications manager
Bill Tally, senior researcher and designer
Noel Valdes, IT/facilities (business services)
Regan Vidiksis, researcher