Alice Kaiser

tel: 212-807-4238
fax: 212-633-8804

Alice Kaiser supports a variety of activities in formative research, including landscape review, site observations, computerized assessments, data entry and coding, and semi-structured interviews. She is interested in bridging literacy gaps for dual language learners and in providing supports for foreign-language students.

Alice joined CCT to assist with the project Tools to Support Preschool Teachers: Advancing dual-language learners’ learning with educational technology, which involved synthesizing expert knowledge around emergent bilinguals in order to inform best practices about technology integration with diverse preschool students. Since then, Alice has worked on a variety of projects. She is currently staffed on Ready To Learn, a government initiative supported by the U.S. Department of Education and led by PBS and CPB that targets the use of public media to improve low-income preschool children’s school readiness.

Prior to joining CCT, Alice worked as an afterschool teacher at The School at Columbia University, as well as an assistant to the Child Study Team. In that capacity, she helped educational psychologists with pre-school admission screenings and adolescent learning support. Alice also has served as a consultant for the annual assessment of Head Start programs at Acelero Learning and as a research assistant at Columbia University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy.

Alice holds a BA in Russian Studies from Willamette University.