Bronwyn Taggart

portfolio dissemination manager
tel: 212-807-4214
fax: 212-633-8804

Bronwyn works closely with her colleagues to improve the professional presentation of the IPT portfolio’s work. Her familiarity with all IPT project materials—including reports, journal articles, proposals, and fact sheets—enables her to identify dissemination opportunities that may not be apparent to other members of the communication staff, thereby ensuring IPT’s inclusion in larger, EDC-wide initiatives.

Bronwyn drafts dissemination plans for major work, such as the book Getting Ready to Learn (2018, Routledge), and writes press releases and fact sheets. She is responsible for all of the portfolio's substantive edits or copyedits, either performing the work herself or scheduling and supervising casual employees. She supervises Web developers for project websites and for her portfolio’s website, which she also maintains. In addition, she researches copyright questions and drafts letters requesting permissions for use of outside materials. 

Bronwyn researches social media platforms and makes recommendations for their use to the IPT portfolio and to EDC’s U.S. Division and corporate communication departments. She has been increasingly responsible for social media at all levels, and since 2018 has been in charge of EDC’s corporate Twitter account, @EDCtweets. As part of her work with the U.S. Division, she prepared and presented a two-page factsheet on “Best Twitter Practices.”

From 2015–2018, Bronwyn managed the Playing with Data project—a three-year, two-million-dollar NSF study of how teachers use digital gameplay data to inform their instructional practices. In 2018, she wrote 23 clinician training scripts for the VetChange project, which required her to quickly master a new content area and to accurately convey clinical concepts in a creative manner.

Bronwyn has PMD Pro certification as a project manager, and paralegal certification, with a concentration in trademark and copyright law, from the New School. She earned her BA in psychology from Reed College—where she was the only student ever to be named Coleman Scholar in freshman year. She also is an award-winning editor and writer, with more than a decade of experience in children's media, and some 20 years as a project manager in both online animation and print publication. 

Bronwyn is the co-author of a Twitter novel that ran from 2013–2016. She has exhibited her photography in galleries in New York City and on the West Coast, and was the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts emerging artist grant in 2008. She is a best-selling author of graphic novels and a nonfiction graphic anthology, and was a radio program writer, producer, and host on listener-supported WFMU for almost two decades.