Creating an Evaluation Framework for Data-Driven Instructional Decision-Making
2003 to 2006

CCT is undertaking a two-and-a-half year project to build an evaluation framework based on the theory and methodology of systems thinking and involving the center's prior studies of technology-based applications focused on data-driven instructional decision-making.

CCT has chosen to examine further three applications with which we have had experience in other projects: handheld diagnostic assessment, web- and print-based student data reporting, and a large-scale data warehouse.

In the project's first year, we are working with Albuquerque Public Schools, New York City Schools, and Broward County Public Schools. In the second year, we will identify validation sites for each of the applications and study the use of the tools from which systems models will be generated to validate the models from the first year of study.


Ellen Mandinach (PI)
Cricket Heinze
Daniel Light
Luz Rivas