Intel Teach to the Future: Meeting the Challenge of No Child Left Behind

February 1, 2004

This report, prepared by Leslie Harris Associates and EDC's Center for Children and Techology, explores how the Intel Teach to the Future professional development progam meets the requirements of The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 ("NCLB"), a rigorous plan for education reform that is challenging the nation's schools to increase student achievement and teacher quality. Central to that call for accountability is the requirement that schools take greater care in the selection of curricular and professional development programs and materials to ensure that they are of high quality, based on scientifically-based research and subject to exacting evaluation. For the past three years, CCT has evaluated the Intel Teach to the Future, a rigorous research-based program that incorporates the best practices in the professional development field. Broadly stated, this research has demonstrated that the program is closely aligned with NCLB's exacting criteria for high quality professional development and with the goals and objectives of NCLB's technology programs. CCT evaluators have also found that Intel Teach to the Future is an effective professional development experience that has enabled a large majority of participating teachers to integrate technology into classroom teaching in ways that support high-quality instruction and improve the overall learning environment.