Select Findings from the Evaluation of Intel Teach to the Future

June 1, 2002

This paper reviews findings from two years of evaluation of Intel Teach to the Future, a professional development program focused on improving classroom technology integration. Intel Teach to the Future is a three-year, international effort supported by the Intel Corporation. The program uses a train-the-trainer model to deliver a curriculum that emphasizes using commonly available software tools to support students in conducting original inquiries and creating multiple representations of what they learn. The Center for Children and Technology, part of Education Development Center, Inc., is conducting an external evaluation of Intel Teach to the Future. The first year of the evaluation investigated teacher responses to the training, and strengths and weaknesses of the program delivery model as a mechanism for achieving both broad implementation and locally meaningful and sustained impact. Year Two research uses case studies to investigate the sustained impact of the program on teachers' instructional practices.


Andrew Gersick
Sarah Pederson
Hannah Nudell
Shalini Shankar
Katherine Culp