Key Findings from Year One of the EDC/CCT Evaluation of Intel Teach to the Future

December 1, 2001

This overview presents key findings from Year One of an evaluation of the U.S. implementation of Intel Teach to the Future, a professional development program designed to help teachers make effective use of technology in their classrooms. The program uses a train-the-trainer model to deliver a 40-hour curriculum, during which teachers develop technology-rich unit plans that are organized around essential questions and sustained exploration of content. The goals of Intel Teach to the Future are to improve the integration of technology into K-12 classrooms, and to improve mathematics and science education in particular. For more information about Intel Teach to the Future, please visit A complete reporting of findings from this evaluation can be found in "2000-2001 Evaluation Report: Intel Teach to the Future".


Andrew Hess
Shalini Shankar
Katherine Culp
Sarah Pederson