Intel Teach to the Future U.S. Classic Program Cumulative Master Teacher End-of-Training Survey Data

March 1, 2004

This report summarizes responses of Master Teachers to questions from a program application form and a survey administered at the conclusion of every Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher training in the United States between March 2001 to July 2002. The data reported here demonstrate that Master Teachers' responses to this training have been highly positive throughout the life of the program. Findings reported here include the following:

  • Master Teachers give high ratings to the curriculum and to the trainers who provided this professional development experience.

  • Master Teachers report that the program focuses heavily on topics that are the core intended themes of the training.

  • Master Teachers say the training has prepared them to integrate technology into their teaching.

  • Master Teachers would recommend the training to a friend or colleague.

The data summarized here are referred to in other reports discussing findings from the evaluation of Intel Teach to the Future. Education Development Center's Center for Children and Technology (CCT) has been conducting an independent evaluation of the U.S. implementation of Intel Teach to the Future since March 2000.

Subjects. All teachers who completed the Intel Teach to the Future Master Teacher training were expected to complete this survey. Participant Teachers from this program completed a slightly different version of this survey at the conclusion of their training, and those results are presented in a separate report. Variations between Master Teacher and Participant Teacher responses are noted in this report.

The total number of valid responses to this survey was 1,702. Paired t-tests were used to calculate change in Master Teachers' responses to some questions included both in the application to the program (prior to training) and in the survey administered at the conclusion of the training.

Instruments. The survey is presented in Appendix A. The survey was developed by CCT in consultation with the ICT and Intel staff involved in developing the curriculum. Minor revisions were made to the survey in Spring 2001.

Procedures. This survey was administered via the World Wide Web. Specifically, the survey was mounted within an extranet maintained by Intel for Intel Teach to the Future participants. Teachers were asked to complete the survey at the conclusion of their training. The data reported here were collected between March 2001 and July 2002, with 82% of submissions being made between May and August 2001. The largest number of submissions in a single month (June 2001) was 640.