Apprenticeships in Cyberspace: Professional Development Model for the Emergent Technologies of 3D Modeling
2001 - 2004

Apprenticeships in Cyberspace is an effort by the University of Georgia's Learning Performance and Support Laboratory (UGA) to develop and refine a model of teacher professional development that uses emerging three-dimensional modeling technology. CCT evaluated the program. In the program, teachers learn about science, pedagogy and technology in a weeklong professional development seminar, and then work with learners in innovative science camps at Fernbank Science Center and the Atlanta Zoo. They reflect on the experience through a collaborative research project that involves observing, video taping and creating video cases of students' learning and their own teaching. The program focuses on three fundamental knowledge domains: science (planetary motion and gorilla behavior), pedagogy (modeling-based inquiry) and technology (three-dimensional virtual reality).

In our research, we employed teacher surveys, participant observations and teacher interviews to assess how well the program meets its objectives.


Margaret Honey (PI)
Lauren Goldenberg