Regan Vidiksis

tel: 212-807-4229
fax: 212-633-8804

Regan’s research focuses primarily on the development and evaluation of STEM teaching and learning in early childhood settings; she was named a 2014–2015 CADRE Fellow for her work in NSF Discovery Research K–12 STEM research. Through her work in this exciting domain, Regan contributes insight and perspective to the areas of child learning, assessment, and curriculum development, the professional development of early childhood educators, and the impact of media and technology on early learning. She also is very interested in issues of equity and poverty and the effect of these realities on teaching and learning.

On the Ready to Learn project, Regan contributes to studies that measure children’s learning from literacy, math, and science public media learning resources and provide new insight into ways to enhance the school readiness of preschoolers in high-need communities. Her role as a researcher on this project has spanned many years, and she more recently also helps manage the project.  

Regan also is a researcher on a number of other early childhood projects, including Next Generation Preschool Science (NGPS) and two projects relating to computational thinking: Monkeying Around: Digital Media and Parent/Child Engagement Resources to Increase Preschool Computational Thinking and Monkeying Around: Integrating Computational Thinking into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and Urban Preschools, all funded by the National Science Foundation. On NGPS, she is working with a team to develop, iteratively refine, and evaluate the promise of an innovative early science curriculum that promotes science practices, concepts, and discourse in preschool classrooms serving children from low-income backgrounds, and on both the Monkeying Around projects her role primarily involves the development and administration of assessments to measure young children’s understanding of concepts relating to computational thinking.  

Regan also contributes to other STEM education initiatives. For example, she is advancing the goals of IDEAS: Inventing, Designing, and Engineering on the Autism Spectrum, an NSF-funded project aiming to develop an Engineering Design program for middle-school children on the autism spectrum and their general education peers.

Prior to joining CCT, Regan worked as an early childhood educator and special education evaluator, providing individualized services to young children in school, community, and home-based settings. She also has worked as the manager of a therapeutic school for children with neurodevelopmental disorders of relating and communicating, such as autism.Regan received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Rhetoric from Binghamton University, and a Master of Science Degree in Early Child Education and Special Education from Hunter College.