Intel® Teach Essentials Course: Program Evaluations
2000 to 2009

In collaboration with the Institute of Computer Technology, Intel Corporation has created a teacher professional development program focused on helping teachers learn how to integrate technology into their teaching practice.

Through the program, master teachers receive 40 hours of in-class training, during which they fashion technology-rich units for their existing school curriculum that they can immediately use in their classrooms. These master teachers, in turn, train additional classroom teachers within their own districts. Regional Training Agencies throughout the country recruit and support school districts and organizations in developing cadres of master teachers.

EDC's Center for Children and Technology is evaluating Teach to the Future, using surveys, observations, and case studies of participating districts to understand the impact of the program on teachers' beliefs and practices with regard to educational technology in the classroom. We also are examining how the program is being interpreted and implemented at the district level in order to understand how the program can provide leverage to support district-wide commitments to improving students' use educational technology.


Daniel Light (PI)
Louisa Anderson
Katherine Culp
Andrew Gersick
Lauren Goldenberg
Terri Meade
Roshni Menon
Tim Reitzes
Simon Shulman
Scott Strother